Sexting means using your phone, computer or camera to receive or send sexy messages or images, usually selfies. According to the dictionary, sexting is the act of sending and receiving or forwarding sexually explicit messages or photos via cell phones, computer or other digital device.

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The term “sext” was first used by the media in 2005. This trend is popular among teens, youths and some young couples. Past researchers have found that about eight out of ten people are sexting. It usually begins with harmless emotions and then a gradual exposure to semi – nude and nude selfies or text messages involving conversations of sexuality. Sexting can cause serious problems whether you send or share them. There are some of our body parts that ought to be covered and carefully protected from the eyes of others. In Genesis 3:7, man became aware of his nakedness and was embarrassed. So they (Adam and Eve) strung fig leaves together to cover themselves around the hips. Remember that it was just Adam, his wife and the animals that were present in that garden; but they were embarrassed. And when God met Adam and Eve half-naked with fig leaves, he did not leave or send them away like that (Gen. 3:21); He made garments from the skins of animals for them because He wants man to be properly covered. The unfortunate thing is that these are the same body parts people uncover while sexting.

There are some of our body parts that ought to be covered and carefully protected from the eyes of others.

Some people especially married couples and teenagers think that sexting is just a harmless way to flirt or show whoever you’re in a relationship with or in love with. Others erroneously think that it can be a healthy way to strengthen and enhance a happy relationship or make them fond of themselves, especially if they are apart. But that is actually a strategy of the devil to expose them to immorality and immoral thoughts.

Why is Sexting Wrong?

Biblically, sexting is wrong based on the following reasons.

  1. It is a sin: In Matt. 5:27 and 28 Jesus emphasized that whosoever looks at a woman lustfully has actually committed adultery with her in his heart and he’s in danger of going to hell. When we send or receive messages of explicit sexual conversations or naked pictures, we open our hearts to fornication, masturbation, and pornography. Sexting is both sin to God and to your body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1Cor. 6:15-20).
  2. It is a shameful thing: We saw in Genesis that man was embarrassed for his nakedness. Your body ought to be hallowed and kept pure because it is the home of the Holy Spirit. Opening up your body parts on the social media or sending it privately to people shows that you have dishonored your body which is the temple of God.
  3. It attracts God’s judgment and curses upon us: sexting is not just a shameful thing to us and the body of Christ alone but it attracts curses upon us. When the children of Israel exposed themselves to immorality, God released plagues, and snakes to bite and kill them in the wilderness, He also allowed their enemies to destroy them. In Gen. 9:20 -25 we saw Ham the father of the Canaanites cursed by his father Noah because he saw the nakedness of his father.
  4. The people we sext with may use it to blackmail and humiliate us. Never trust anyone enough to send them a sext. You might never imagine that they’d show your private messages to others. Jeremiah 17:5 (LB) – “The Lord says; cursed is the man who puts his trust in mortal man and turns his heart away from God”. This can be detrimental, especially after a fight or a breakup, they may begin to share your sext; their phones can be viewed by a friend; such phones can get lost, stolen or hacked; and your pictures or conversations can be shared without your consent.

We must ensure that whatever we do in secret must glorify God.

The Bible also encourages us to walk in the light, and according to Eccl. 12:14, God will judge us for everything we do including every hidden thing, be it good or bad. We must ensure that whatever we do in secret must glorify God. Other reasons why sexting is wrong are; it is a form of pornography, it can cause one to lose good opportunities and his/her reputation. A good name is better than hidden riches…

What do I do if people send naked pictures or sext to me?

  • Delete the pictures immediately and un-friend them. Say no to any form of sexual immorality. Flee youthful lust and all appearance of evil. You deserve to feel safe and respected in your relationship with people. We must keep godly relationships that will please and glorify God.
  • Have only pure and godly conversations. Let our words be seasoned with salt and free from deceit and evil (Psalm 34:13-14).
  • If you’re in a courtship with someone who asks you to sext him / her or he/she sends you a sext, it is an indication that you’re in an ungodly relationship and your fiancé or fiancée does not respect you or God. Repent and change your ways today.
  • Tell your parents, spouse, and spiritual leaders as the case maybe, to pray, guide and give you godly counsel if you are already trapped or have been indulging in sexting. Make a positive decision to be free and saved.

In conclusion, Romans 10:13 says, “Whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”. When David saw the nakedness of Bathsheba, and it led him to commit adultery with her, he turned to God and repented. God is faithful He will forgive (1 John 1:9). May God help us to remain pure, holy and blameless until the day of our Lord. Amen.

Stay blessed.