One of my earliest encounters with the question of the Lordship of Jesus happened when I was around twelve years old. I had gone out to a print shop where one of my friends worked, and had come back home with a card we had made together which said “Jesus is Lord, No Controversy.” This caption was popularized by one of the then emerging Pentecostal churches in Zaria at the time. They had apparently come to print some fliers in the print shop, and my friend who ironically was a Muslim, who was apprenticing there had at the time helped me make some cards with left over material and content that neither of us really could fully relate with.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Anyway, when I got home with my stash of cards, my elder brother who at the time was a committed believer asked me what I thought the phrase “Jesus is lord, No Controversy” meant. I don’t remember being able to give any cogent answer, but I remember it was the first time that I was forced to actually think about the idea.

Many decades later, and long after I had ‘accepted Jesus as my Lord and personal saviour’, I was confronted with the question again as I read the scripture this morning. This time, it wasn’t my elder brother (who has now passed) who asked the question. It was Jesus himself who asked through the writing of Luke. “But why do you call me ‘Lord Lord,’ and do not the things which I say?” This time, the controversy is not about the generic lordship of Jesus, instead, it is about His particular Lordship over my own life, proven only by whether I do the things he says or not.

Indeed it is with the heart that man believes, and with the mouth that he confesses (Jesus as Lord) unto salvation (Rom 10:9-10). Yet there is a type of confession about which the Lord says, “these people draw near me with their mouths, but their heart is far from me.” The question for me and you is whether our hearts are in our confession, or we are those that say Lord, Lord, but merely as lip service to him.

The distinguishing factor as Jesus said is that, those who really consider him to be Lord will do all that he says.

“But why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord’ and not do the things which I say?” Luke 6:46

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